Security systems

›› Burglar Alarm System

Burglar alarm is one of the key components of home security system. It not only helps in protecting the family but also in making one relieved of any sort of security stress. Having the knowledge that burglar alarms will let you know about any unwanted intrusion is a great way to feel secure. We often fret over well being of our loved ones and family. Instead of fretting, one should rather go for installing burglar alarms so that family members can have a peaceful sleep. Even during your absence, these alarms prove to be very useful as they will immediately notify any intrusion.

›› Biometric Security System

Biometric is the most secure and convenient authentication tool. It can not be borrowed, stolen, or forgotten and forging one is practically impossible. Biometrics measure individual's unique physical or behavioral characteristics to recognize or authenticate their identity. Common physical biometrics include fingerprints, hand or palm geometry, retina, iris, and facial characteristics. Behavioral characters characteristics include signature, voice, keystroke pattern, and gait. Of this class of biometrics, technologies for signature and voice are the most developed.

›› Digital Safe Lockers

Most of the modern safes don't have dial locks any longer. Electronic keypad entry locks are the norms of the day. It offers several advantages. It is not only more reliable and strong but also easy to use. Digital safe lockers are temper proof and possess burglar proof locks. It works on keypad number entry combination locks. That way it becomes even more secure. Aesthetically also, digital safe lockers look better than conventional ones. Many lockers automomatically go into lockdown mode if left idle for more than 5 minutes. That means, even if someone has forgotten to lock the safe, there is no need to worry because of this particular feature.

›› Fire Alarm System

There are many useful devices in fire alarm system that will help in keeping your home safe from fire. One can check numerous options available in market. Depending upon the one's needs and requirements, he or she can always opt for right kind of fire alarm. One of the options is optical fire alarms. It is very useful in detecting fire far ahead of time. Also known for its efficiency in false alarms, optical alarms are very popular.

›› Glass Break Detector

Glass break detectors work by listening to the frequency of splintering wood or broken glass. With changing times, the range of frequencies has also been increased. Though, sometimes false alarms can also ring because of sounds similar to above mentioned frequencies.

›› GPS Tracking System

Many people associate usage of GPS system with maps and getting an idea of different localities. But that's just a simple function performed by it. Apart from that a GPS tracking system can perform several important functions like surveillance, inventory tracking, wildlife tracking, vehicle tracking and employee position reporting. Used by almost all the major establishments like governments, spy agencies, military organizations and even private detectives, GPS tracking systems have been incorporated into the public lives.

›› Metal Detectors

Metal detectors work on various layers. It is of immense use in de-mining the land mines and detecting weapons like guns and knives. It is also useful in detecting foreign bodies in foods. Metal detectors have non-security usage as well like detecting steel bars in pipes and concrete in the construction process. Wires that are found buried in floors and walls can also be identified with the help of metal detectors.

›› Motion Sensor Detector

Motion sensor detectors perform two major functions of lighting options and alarm systems. Many people are not aware of its wonderful lighting functions. Instead of acting as a proper alarm system, it can just work as a lighting source in places like halls, basements, porches, attics and driveways etc. These dark areas can get reasonable light by using motion detectors.

›› Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors should always be a part of complete home security system. Many corporate houses, offices and buildings have smoke detectors. Smoke detectors demand proper maintenance and care while installing them. Smoke detectors are the most crucial element in fire security. Fire security is given its due importance in today's world. However, one must remember to incorporate fire security with home security. Ignoring fire security can lead to worst possible consequences. Many a times, we have come across news of death taking place due to fire. Only if smoke detectors have been given importance, many such unfortunate incidents could have been avoided.

›› Video Door Phone

Video door system is a part of audio video door entry system and best feature of it lies in its ability of safeguarding your interests. Simultaneously, it can also be connected to alarms and that is great option for household security. Technically speaking, video door phone consists of a video or even audio outer panel. It has a camera unit or bell like functionality which is normally installed outside the main door or gate. Another integral component is a phone or monitor that is used for communicating with visitors. One has the option of using telephonic unit or electric lock release with these components to give it more secure outlook.