IP-based CCTV surveillance & security systems.

CCTV Monitoring Services Protect Your Online Business

As more and more areas of activity are faced with an ever-increasing threat to security of assets, people, and systems from anti-social, uncultured, psychic, and rebellious elements, today's security needs have become more demanding. Computer technology has advanced in such a way that security personnel standing on their feet for hours keeping vigil in warehouses and streets have been replaced by security guards seated at monitors doing CCTV monitoring services. Having identified the impact of IP-Surveillance technology on the security industry years back, Outsourcing CCTV Monitoring has acquired the ability to automate intelligent surveillance. We cater to a wide range of CCTV Monitoring Services requirements of global clients such as the following:

›› CCTV Remote Monitoring and recording

By integrating sophisticated digital video technology and software engineering, Outsourcing CCTV Monitoring provides high quality real-time digital video recording and monitoring functions. CCTV Remote Monitoring and recording facilities deliver effective site security through CCTV monitoring and incident response. Our CCTV Remote Monitoring and recording services are particularly relevant for sites with little out-of-hours activity, where the value of maintaining a manned presence is limited.

›› Security control in warehouse or office

With an incredible video surveillance system that utilizes innovative technologies in CCTV cameras, digital video recorders, Outsourcing CCTV Monitoring Services help clients to extend their vision beyond territorial boundaries. We maintain CCTV systems for many leading retailers, transportation and distribution, commercial and industrial companies.

›› Project monitoring in construction sites

Outsourcing CCTV Monitoring is a specialist organization whose mission is to provide comprehensive turnkey CCTV Monitoring solutions to government agencies and corporations. The services offered by us brings many years of experience in the CCTV Monitoring field, together with technology and operational procedures that conforms to international standards and proven in the field. You can outsource your construction site project monitoring requirements to us and focus on other core business activities.

›› Play back of remote video and audio

With innovative video monitoring application that delivers high quality audio and video transmissions, CCTV Monitoring helps clients around the world. Remote Video Monitoring guarantees that your organization is compliant with the Data Protection Act, by preventing sites from viewing data individually and ensuring that monitors are not viewed by the public.

›› Customer observation in retail shop by video

Linking your retail shop chain to a remote monitoring centre provides better security to it without exposing your employees to great risk. Remote support with great customer service and professional workmanship, Outsourcing CCTV Monitoring assists retail shop chains 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To improve security operations and risk management in your business our sophisticated systems are perfectly integrated with your point of sale, access control and other business systems.

›› Emergency Response

Emergency Response is a value added service offered by Outsourcing CCTV Monitoring to its customers. Our CCTV Monitoring and Emergency Response service is highly effective for sites with little out-of-hours activity. It is also useful where there is only limited scope for maintaining a manned presence.

›› Intelligence Monitoring

Outsourcing CCTV Monitoring possesses a dedicated Intelligence Monitoring and support division capable of collating high volumes of Surveillance Detection information and providing threat alert and escalation warnings to the Security wing, and Law Enforcement authorities. We do Intelligence Monitoring aimed at the specific security issues that our clients face.